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The End is Near

The storms are brewing. The darkness is closing in. Time is collapsing. The end is near. In Dusk Isle's Darkest Hour, who will live, and who will die at the end of the world? With the originals dying off, an idiotic witch with plans of her own, and Daybreak next to go completely insane who will survive the End of Time?

Darkness. Is that in the mind? Show your darkness and then you may lose the battle. A single sprout of darkness may turn you against all you know.

And don't forget - The Nyxius Marru. A Curse. It seems to have sided with insanity. Over the years, it has visited many minds and many projections. Whos mind has it touched? And those been touched, will they turn by the darkness within?

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 Proving Ground ~ Chessru's story

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PostSubject: Proving Ground ~ Chessru's story   Sat Jan 15, 2011 7:33 am

There were Demons in my mind, eating my soul. Taking control. Driving me to do things I did not want to do. But it had been like that as long as I could remember.
That was why I was climbing up the rocky ledge of Moonriver Clan. Orders of the Mind – to reach the top and make my way quickly – so my movement would not be detected – across to the cave used by the Moonriver clan mates for sleeping. It was a dismal place, dull, usually shrouded in a cloak of fog that seemed to drift closer to the ground with every passing second of the growing dawn. It was difficult to tell the features of the cave made of coal-grey rock, for the fog was like a mask, covering all but the dark shape of the entrance, which seemed to glow as the long awaited dawn began to break. Yet even as the sun peaked over the ridge and continued its journey into the sky, the cool wind howled viciously around me, like a rabid animal, numbing my senses as the coldness wrapped around me, suffocating me…
The Demons brought me back to my senses. There was a rancid smell drifting in the air – undoubtedly brought to my nose by the strong gusts of morning wind. It was not only rancid, but repulsive – the stench of death and blood mingled with that smell of fear; the result of the ceaseless battles between the forces of good and evil.
But that was Moonriver. The once proud clan, without a single shard of ice in their hearts, driven back into the dust, shaken by the very roots that made Moonriver the clan it is. The clan is was. The rumours were they drifted emotionlessly; like they had no soul, no agenda. But there was something more to it. Something that had caused the fall of Moonriver, something that had fallen into the web of trust that bound them together. But that was a secret I would never find out. Doomed to watch the very events that would change the clans forever - the extermination of Moonriver; the loss of the undiscovered secrets that were hid below the mask.
I was almost in position - almost ready for the Demons to take over. I could feel them resurfacing; they felt cold. My senses were numbing. I could see the icy blue eyes in my mind, their wolfen forms taking shape outside my body; pure white, with black markings to match. Sometimes I wondered if they were copies of me, with minor adjustments to claim as their own. The only thing that defined them from each other was the lightning bolt and the crescent moon. But the cold rose, and I had to force myself not to shiver. Upon truth, the Demons were power, feared by all I could walk where I pleased, hunt the prey of my choosing, and walk on the land of the clans. But I hated them. They were like a dark cloud, which hung in the heart of my mind.
A Rock slipped under paw, bringing the world crashing down. As my head connected with the ledge, a dark shadow fell over my shape. Impulsively, I looked up.
"And what are you doing here?" My gaze met the one of the voice addressing me; a calm voice, emotionless with only the slightest tint of seriousness - that of a noble warrior on duty; standing ready to defend her clan from outside threats. She couldn't know I was the body of the demonic threat that even the greatest warriors held fear for it the depths of their minds. She was here to remove the 'intruder' from the land Moonriver owned.
Her eyes were studying me, a ring of blue, almost identical to my own, except the iris, circling the black hole in the centre of her eye, was darker, glinting like half-moons on a dark night. Yet they echoed with a past of suffering and guilt, a horror I could not yet begin to imagine. Her face betrayed no emotion, and her fur was dark except for the silver markings that seemed to radiate certain warmth. Her posture confirmed my suspicions that she had trained to be one of the legendary Moonriver warriors.
"Chessu" I stated simply. My Identity. I'd had it as long as I could remember. Like the Demons. Maybe they gave me that identity.
"Ches-rue" the Moonriver youngster tested the word. I could see her expression was one of a slight confused nature. The wind was stirring again.
"Chesrue" She continued, "Which clan are you of?"
Clan? The words were like an icicle being driven into my heart. To be of Clan, to have a sense of loyalty was something for a forgotten dream; I was a loner, damned not only with the demonic soul but the curse of all the loners – divided. I was of two halves, a twist upon love and hate. But times were changing.
I felt the word roll of my tongue. My stomach was twisting into a knot. A Knot of fear. But the demons – they were manipulating me – making me afraid.
The youngster's face softened; the desired effect. She had dropped her guard, let the mask fall, and let the true face free. I felt the breath clot in my throat. The fear was gone, taken away by the Demons as they began their rise to the surface of my body, into the open air; but there was something else there, something begging the demons not to strike.
"No!" I screamed, letting the words free. There was a look of sheer horror on the jet black face of the warrior – but the Demons were free, claiming there wolfen forms, and zipping towards the she-wolf without a second of thought. There couldn't have been any hesitation in those demonic eyes, but I could see the tiniest flicker of doubt. Impossible.
I could not move. My throat was raw and my eyes burning. While I was free of the retched demons, I was usually side-by-side. Lusting for the blood, to beat the Demons to the kill.
But not this time. Fear was ruling my very existence, helpless as the whirls of white and black spun in the never-ending circle. Spinning. And then a body, broken, tumbling down the rock face; splattering in the mud, limp and lifeless. I had to turn away. But as I made my bid for freedom, the piercing blue eyes of the Demon's wolfen forms bore into me. There was nothing I could do.
Screams through the fog.
I found myself watching the unmoving shape of the youngster that had been felled by the demons. There was an ever-growing puddle of scarlet blood; her features twisted and eyes shut. There was pain in her face, and something within me told me she was not quite dead. But she might as well be. The demons had no mercy.
The screams were louder now, echoing from the very depths of the cave. I could not listen. In this very freedom, I was doomed to lead it in fear.
The wind was slowly dying; dark clouds covering the sun. The light was fading from the morning, almost promising rain. I felt a cool chill on my exposed fur, draining every ounce of warmth from within. The stench of death was cruelly hanging in the air, dominating the smells of blood and fear. I screaming had seized, and I knew with no doubt in my heart the massacre was over. But I was instantly drawn to the cave, helplessly padding towards the entrance, down across the roof. The dark mass of the entrance filled my vision. And I walked.
Creeping forwards slowly. Heart pounding. Through the haze of fog, the darkness beyond drifted into eyesight. Dark outlines crumpled against the walls; the pungent smell clogging up my nostrils. Every part of me was screaming for me to stop, to turn and walk away, but my paws kept walking, one in front of the other, set on course. My mind didn't need the demonic force to set me on a journey. I wasn't even in control at the time. But there was another presence in this battlefield. Glinting red eyes glaring out of the shadows.
"Chessru, how good of you to join us"
And then the figure stepped out of the shadows.
Black wings. Black fur. Red eyes. A Red stripped tail and fringe. A Face as dark as a moonless sky. His expression calm. The Demons were hovering beside him, protecting him like faithful hounds. But he didn't need them. Daybreak didn't need minions. Even now I could feel him drawing strength from me.
He was a thief, stealing power from those unfortunate to be in his vicinity. Using it for his chaotic plans. He was Four of Six, the one of death, pain and suffering.
His gaze never wavered as he waited for my response. I could feel blood swirling around my paws, the liquid still warm from the kill.
"It's been done"
I found my head rise to his eye level, drawing a breath of the musty air as I forced myself not to let line of sight fall to the blood now lapping against black paws. Daybreak's tail gestured towards the blood, and with a second of hesitation, I looked.
There was a body, my forepaw merely inches from the corpse. In the dim light, I could see his fur was a tan brown, with hazel eyes wide and staring, glazed over in pain. I knew instantly he was still alive, clinging onto the last threads of life, his breathing laboured and spinning out of control. Best to put him out of his misery. That was what Daybreak was implying. I can feel the knot of fear almost fade away, and in that moment I felt a rush of adrenaline. He wants me to kill. So be it.
I can see the pain in the eyes of the faithful hunter. He isn't a fighter. Yet I feel no sympathy. I took a deep breath, unleashing the water from within; not daring to move my eyes as the icy cold liquid slams into his neck, snapping it instantly. The lighted faded from his eyes, but I can almost see myself smiling. May his soul rest in peace.
"There, I've done it"
I lift my head calmly, pushing back the side of me that rises in a bout of guilt. The fear is back, buried deep within my stomach. And this time, it isn't going to leave. It's fighting the side of me that masks the emotion; the side of me that is plain and has obviously been changed by the demons touch.
"You're doing well at keeping a lid on your emotions Chessru"
"I no longer work for you Daybreak"
I spin round to meet his gaze, my eyes lighting up with angry fire. Daybreak was almost smirking, his blood-red eyes dancing with his own amusement. He didn't move his mouth and I realised he had no objections. So I turned away and walked into the light.
The Moonriver. The silver water lapping gently against the bank. It stirs memories of the blood, but I push them aside and focus on my thoughts. Free of the demons. I can see the world in a new light, for I'd never been free longer than a few mere minutes, bound to the demons as they were bound to me.
A spark of curiosity lights within me, and I feel myself longing to be beside the water, fascinated by the ripples as they danced. But as I reached the bank, I saw something in the water, staring straight back. It looked almost demonic. A sudden anger flares, shattering the mood like a crack in a mirror. I feel the urge to attack, remove this devil from the water and watch the blood turn the water red. But as I hit the water, the realisation hits me like a double force of the water. Blindly, I plummet down, fighting against the current. The monster was me. Is this what I had become?
The water running through my blood had taken control. On instinct I was swimming downwards, a glint of silver entering my field of vision. It's pulsing on the riverbed, the silver light refracting off the stones that litter the bottom of the river. As soon as I am near enough, I can feel the power throbbing through me veins. I reach out, scoping it up with a blood-stained paw. As soon as I had claimed it, I could feel the connection joining up with my water, like the final part of a puzzle being slid into place. I knew then that the air was thin in my lungs and I would have to break the surface. My paws didn't need to be told, propelling me upwards, the sunlight drawing ever nearer.
Then I was free, greedily gulping down the air now available to me. The chain as it was, was still hung around my front paw loosely, sliding down my leg as I used the thin black wings I owned to push myself onto dry land.
It was wrong to kill. The monster in the river was the pure sign. Is this what I had become? A heartless killer? Then why, did I feel fear on the rocky ledge, only for it to vanish inside the cave? Only for another life to be added to the list of those I had claimed before it returned again to haunt me. I was all I'd ever know, raised for hate and bloodshed, raised with the demons in my head. But I was afraid. Something changed me on that ledge.
I was interrupted from my thoughts by the demons. In the corner of my eye I could see the pair of wisps surging towards me. Their pale forms weaving through the trees. They were perfectly in time, together as one. I was mistaken. Daybreak wasn't letting me free.
I broke into a run, the chain nosily changing against the earth as my paws skimmed through the air, my wings half flapping so I was literally running on thin air. The Demons were gaining on me. I tried to push myself harder, gritting my teeth as I forced my strained to carry my body faster; but pushed to their limits, I felt them slow to an almost stop, back legs hurtling into the front pair with a force strong enough to send me sprawling into the dust head first.
The demons had reached me, the cold rush being projected on my pale pelt, lifting the strands of fur upright. I knew without opening my eyes that the Demons were above me, circling me like vultures on a rotting corpse. They were waiting, waiting for the moment of their choosing to strike.
And then they hit. The sensation even colder, the same icicle attacking my heart. The same mental game as I lose control. My soul spiralling into the darkness as the demons barged their way back to their throne. It was over almost as soon as it had begun.
But it wasn't. The power of the chain was gathering, like an army ready to stand against the enemy. I was seeping in, slowly drifting towards the Demons, a tiny flicker of hope. Let the battle commence.
The two sides clashed, pushing each other back in the battle for control. The demons had the advantage, driving the power of the chain downwards. However, the power was not defeated, retaliating with a blow that seemed to stun both the Demons at once.
I was slipping away.
The rocky ledge, the wind brushing through my fur, pure white and stainless. The air is free, the scent far from the acrid stenches that had dominated the ledge at the fall of the first warrior. Yet it wasn't quite real, for the sky was pure white, starless. Moonless. Sunless. I was inside my own head, a spin of my own imagination.
It was then I saw the ball of blue light flitting past my eyes. It carried on the journey it had chosen, before slowing to a stop when it was directly ahead. Full on in the centre of my vision. A pulsing ball of electric blue light. The blue was a take on water, the power that I held to my own as much as Daybreak possessed the power of stealing. A fragment of my imagination, the way I pictured an invisible force. The chain. The chain had the power to change everything.
Then the wisps soared over the ledge, slamming into the ball of light and attempting to disarm it with their classical circling technique. The ball of light raised itself, pummelling to the demon currently in the left position.
It had left the other Demon to me. Time to prove my ground.
Jumping forwards in a quick manoeuvre, water rising from within. The Demon moves away from the light, twisting into the wolfen form. Piecing blue eyes challenging me to attack. The Crescent moon. The sign of the more forceful Demon. It gives a roar, black fire sparking from its mouth as that of a dragon. The water. It unleashes itself, forming a line of defence. In the same instance, two balls of water shoot forwards simultaneously extinguishing the fire. The Demon narrows unearthly eyes, leaping in an arc in the trajectory that would only land me in the line of fire.
Within a split second, I throw myself to the ground, showing my soft belly as a sign of surrender. The Demon's eyes flash with greed, beginning its decent vector with outstretched claws. But the talons meet thin air as I land awkwardly on its back and fruitlessly rake my claws down as I slide. The Demon cries out, although not in pain, but one of failure, rolling onto its back it a ruthless attempt to dislodge me, going on instinct rather than logic. The attack is easy to block, rolling across the rock and bombarding the Demon with water. I catch sight of the ball of light and the other Demon, locked in combat, in a mixed ball turning over and over, a fight so hazy it was impossible to tell who was winning the battle.
A sharp battle cry brings me back to my senses. The Demon has recovered eyes dark and dancing with a blood of death. It had done with the games; no longer wanting to see me suffer but for my immediate surrender. It rose, become the wisp it originally was, whizzing past my side before I could react. The pain came in a sudden rush, my side heaving with as huge tear failed to stop the blood. It was my imagination, an image to explain the damage to my soul that was impossible to picture; and image to explain the battle of the minds.
I knew as my imaginary body struggled for breath that this would be only the beginning of the pain which would follow. I could see the Demon twisting for another strike, shooting towards me at a speed no wolf could run. I had few precious moments before the Demon struck my weakened form, yet I moved directly in the Demon's path, my stomach curling as the Demon drew nearer. I wanted to close my eyes, for it to be over in less than a heartbeat, but something kept them open, the fear from the rocky ledge was growing stronger, gripping me in its icy claws. The Demon was mere inches away, the chill from its wispy body falling on my exposed face. This was it.
I leapt upwards, my wings flapping furiously to raise me to the height of the Demon, snatching it out of the air before it could complete its attack. It resisted, and so did I, but it fell down, in the depths of my imaginary stomach.
As I landed on four paws, the ball of pulsing light was drawn into my sight, alone. The other Demon had fallen long before. I had won.
Lying in a puddle of my own blood. The injuries from my skirmish throbbing with the pain of reality. Deep down, the sense of realisation strikes.
The Demons are not dead.
The Demons are coming.


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PostSubject: Re: Proving Ground ~ Chessru's story   Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:35 pm

JEEZUS that's a lot to read through.

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PostSubject: Re: Proving Ground ~ Chessru's story   Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:35 pm

Arcaii wrote:
JEEZUS that's a lot to read through.

Wait until I finish Tsuki's. :3


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PostSubject: Re: Proving Ground ~ Chessru's story   

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Proving Ground ~ Chessru's story
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