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The End is Near

The storms are brewing. The darkness is closing in. Time is collapsing. The end is near. In Dusk Isle's Darkest Hour, who will live, and who will die at the end of the world? With the originals dying off, an idiotic witch with plans of her own, and Daybreak next to go completely insane who will survive the End of Time?

Darkness. Is that in the mind? Show your darkness and then you may lose the battle. A single sprout of darkness may turn you against all you know.

And don't forget - The Nyxius Marru. A Curse. It seems to have sided with insanity. Over the years, it has visited many minds and many projections. Whos mind has it touched? And those been touched, will they turn by the darkness within?

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 Application stories

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PostSubject: Application stories   Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:00 am

I had just finished my show for the night and was happily dancing about with Rowen who would occasionally pull me close, kiss me then twirl me away. There was a feral snarl and a set of teeth clamped down on my left leg, I gasped in shock and pain "what is that?" Rowen gasped "I dont know and I dont care just get it off me" I growled, since Rowen was panicking I brought my hands up and started to try and pry the creatures jaws apart. It was difficult as the fangs kept peircing my fingers but I managed to get its jaws off of my leg, I managed to pin the creature down with Rowens help.

I rememberd catching sight of a neaby poster wanting the publics help with catching what was called Zvers, I quickly told Rowen to ring the number. A while later a white van drove up and a young woman with blonde hair hopped out onto the ground, she carried a muzzle, a young man with electric blue hair hopped out and he had a first aid kit. Kneeling down by me, he exmained the bite wound the Zver had given me opening his kit he pulled out a needle and thread as well as a pair of scissors."This will hurt I wont lie" he said quietly smiling at me, I nodded slowly

I yelped as Purple Emerald sunk her teeth into my arm again, when she let go I brought my arm closer to my face so I could examine the damage. It was bruising fast and throbbed like mad but oddly enough this time she hadn't broken the skin, 'I think im finally getting through to her' I thought. I glowered at her then went to the freezer to go grab some ice, even though it hurt a fair bit the ice would make the swelling go down, I hissed in pain as the ice hit my fresh bruise. "Did she bite you again dearest?" Rowen asked cradling my arm, "she did" I replied sadly

There was a soft wine and Purple gently rasped her tongue over my leg, I looked down at her and then the strangest thing happened, she sat down and wagged her tail like crazy. "Hm maybe you arent so bad after all" Rowen said and gently patted her head, she barked sofly then nuzzled his hand

He slunk through the dark back streets his paws making no sound as they hit the ground one by one, his tail alshing slowly from side to side as he crept through the night. Elsewhere someone else was sneaking around, Desire was on the hunt for a black and white Zver who had escaped in a muderous rage from the lab where he was kept.

"Now where could that darn Zver be?" Desire muttered she had been on the trail of this Zver for days and still not found any sign of him, with an irritated growl she ignited her long tails and the end of her hair. Grumpily she went to go find a decent place to sleep for the night, on the other side of the city the Zver was doing the same thing, the two of them found an abandoned building and curled up to sleep.

Neither of them knowing that their fates had just been intertwined with two others....

There was a lone figure on the ice rink, an eighteen year old female with long dark orange hair was practicing a routine to Rihannas Disturbia, little did she know that she had an audience. Shutting off the stero system she stepped onto normal ground and walked over to the bleachers, she sat down and set about unlacing her black and purple skates.

After packing away her skates in their bag she slid her purple platforms on and then after putting on her jacket set off home, she was so into picking a good song to walk to she didnt notice the guy in front of her until she crashed into him. After figuring out what had happened she looked up at who she had crashed into, he was around 6ft2 with wild pale green hair and purple eyes.

"I am so sorry" Valencia apologised way to make a fool of yourself Valencia she thought with annoyance, he smiled and held out a hand "dont worry about it" he said and pulled her up with ease. She smiled and dusted herself off, he's gorgeous she gushed metally, "I am Aldaren who are you?" he said with a warm smile, "I'm Valencia" she said her cheeks tinged pink.

Desire opened her eyes, wih a yawn she uncurled herself and stretched out her cramped body


When I was but a young pup, I was the only pup born alive from my parent's first and last litter. We spent all of our time together we were as close as close can be, I loved them just as much as they loved me. Then one day my parents never came back from hunting I followed their scent and found them laying still the bitter smell of death and the foul scent of evil all over them.

My emotions overwhelmed me and changed me forever in an explosion of power; I should have looked normal until I was 3 summers old that was when my powers were supposed to kick in. The explosion was like a kaleidoscope its colours swirling all around me; slowly the warm strands of colour began to wrap round my body they were soft and warm like the loving snuggles from my parents that I missed so very much.

When the explosion of power died down I made my way to the stream and looked at my reflection. Six long tails swished behind me they were half made out of fire, small rings of fire danced on my legs just above my paws, I had cherry blossom tree markings on my side, a blue key shaped marking on my forehead and two small blue wings had grown they hovered just above my shoulders.

I went back to the still forms of my parents and looked at them sadly, never again would I feel their fond loving gazes. I threw my head back and howled my sorrowful song to the moon, "sssssuch a ssssad ssssong" a velvety smooth voice spoke. I turned round and came face to face with a Serpent horse "Get away from me demon" I snarled and raced off the echo of the serpent horses laughter ringing in my ears. "Desiiiiireeee" a voice sang on the wind "Whose there?" I cried as my paws thudded against the ground, I gasped when a ghostly form shimmered into being beside me.

"My name is not important but what I have to say is crucial" the ghostly being replied, I listened closely as the being explained why she had revealed herself to me. "Desire you are a Necromancer you can see and control the dead, you’re destined to fight against the darkness that claimed your family" she said. I remained silent for some time going over what id just found out, its not everyday you find out that your destined to fight the very evil that took your only family away from you. "Will you embrace your true self? Will you accept who you truly are?" she asked me, "yes" I replied quietly even though I had no idea how to control my powers I would try my best to fight the evil that had claimed my parents.

One season later "well well it seems as though Im going to have to get nasty" I growled at a pretty nasty shadow walker; with a snarl I leapt forward and pinned it to the floor, bony limbs exploded from below the ground wrapping round its rotted body. "Time to send you back to where you belong" I sneered and with a flick of my tails set the thing alight; it gave a horrible blood chilling scream as it writhed in pain before bursting and leaving nothing but ash which was blown away by a strong breeze. I shuddered Id hated that sound ever since I first heard it; I was unlucky enough to have to face one of the greater dead when Id only just started to get the hang of my powers.

I walked away my tails blowing in the wind, sinking down beneath the shade of a nearby tree I began to watch the lush green grass sway in the breeze. Pretty soon I began to doze off the last thing I saw was the air shimmering like one of those mirages you see on a sunny day of water, when I awoke I found myself being stared at by a female human. I leapt back with a snarl, she just blinked at me and I stared at her long hair it was half white and half on fire?!? Just like my tails I thought with suprise "your tails are just like my hair" she said I could hear the suprise in her voice "hang on a minute I can understand you perfectly" I said in astonishment "and I you" she said in wonder.

"There you are Desire Ive been looking everywhere for you" a black haired male said as he slid his arms round my human forms waist "Arthas" she said soflty her cheeks stained pink. He looked at me with wide eyes "Desire that wolf looks just like you do on a full moon" he whispered in her ear, "a mirror image in a different form, Ive read about such things but always thought of them as fairy tales" she said with a frown.

"Oy Desire, Arthas you two better not be doin something you shouldnt be" a new voice said as a girl with a hand over some sort of visor. She had long pale green hair, I couldnt tell what colour her eyes were, I could see her tongue was the same green shade as her hair and it ended in a soft point. "You can uncover your visor Esmeralda, were behaving" Arthas said rolling his eyes, Esmeralda scoffed but removed her hand anyway, for a split second I could see the image of a winged dog next to Esmeralda but then it vanished
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Application stories
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