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The End is Near

The storms are brewing. The darkness is closing in. Time is collapsing. The end is near. In Dusk Isle's Darkest Hour, who will live, and who will die at the end of the world? With the originals dying off, an idiotic witch with plans of her own, and Daybreak next to go completely insane who will survive the End of Time?

Darkness. Is that in the mind? Show your darkness and then you may lose the battle. A single sprout of darkness may turn you against all you know.

And don't forget - The Nyxius Marru. A Curse. It seems to have sided with insanity. Over the years, it has visited many minds and many projections. Whos mind has it touched? And those been touched, will they turn by the darkness within?

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 Sand dunes

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PostSubject: Sand dunes   Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:32 pm

Very good shelter from sandstorms and fantastic hiding places, the sand dunes are a row of dunes made of sand with gaps seperating each one. In the gaps, some hardy plants and clumps of grass grow. The gaps are also good sleeping places for travelling wolves and loners.


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Sand dunes
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